Dr. Reed B. Hogan“Physicians cannot survive the practice of medicine with just a focus on patient care. Scope Forward is a complete study allowing providers to grasp and conquer the previously shadowy realm of the business of medicine. Praveen Suthrum’s deep dive into multiple phases of the medical industry required countless hours of research, interviews, and his astute ability to organize meaningful discoveries into an objective syllabus. Scope Forward will be a definitive resource for healthcare teams as we struggle to become proficient healthcare businesses placing best patient pathways first and at the same time creating enjoyable, efficient, and financially viable enterprises. This text is a must for healthcare leaders charting their course to success.”

Dr. Reed B. Hogan, GI Associates and Endoscopy Center, Mississippi

Dr. Michael Byrne“Most doctors are not very good at the business side of medicine, and as a gastroenterologist, I can say it’s no different in GI. What Praveen has done in his book Scope Forward is to illuminate us (in great detail) about a whole range of issues pertinent to the future of GI, from artificial intelligence to private equity to disruptive technologies. Specifically, in relation to AI, he makes the topic very relevant and real-world – assessing both near and longer-term opportunities for AI in GI. This is a very welcome entry into the “must read” category for all those involved in gastroenterology. You will learn a lot!”

Dr. Michael Byrne, CEO and Founder of Satisfai Health, and Founder of ai4gi, Vancouver, Canada

Dr. Latha Alaparthi

Scope Forward offers a refreshing perspective on many aspects of health care within and outside of GI. Narrative also allows readers to access views of many GI thought leaders.”

Dr. Latha Alaparthi, Gastroenterology Center of Connecticut, Vice President, DHPA, Connecticut

Dr. Michael Dragutsky

Scope Forward may at first appear to give a foretelling of the GI landscape in the distant future. Instead, Praveen gives an accurate, unbiased and thoughtful assessment of changes occurring right before our eyes. We need to thoroughly understand and embrace these changes so that we can prepare for the immediate future. Particularly striking is the recognition that digitalization and emerging technologies will rapidly transform the way we practice gastroenterology.”

Dr. Michael Dragutsky, Chairman of One GI and Board Member, DHPA, Tennessee

Dr. Kenneth Rubin

“There’s no one way to describe Scope Forward. It is a treasure trove of insights for anyone in the field of gastroenterology. The book helps you understand the changes that are rapidly affecting medicine from the lens of GI. Among several other topics, Scope Forward succeeds extremely well in explaining the wave of business consolidation in private practice and the forces influencing it. I strongly recommend this book.”

Dr. Kenneth Rubin, The Gastroenterology Group of Northern New Jersey, New Jersey

Dr. Naresh Gunaratnam

“Sir William Osler, one of the fathers of modern medicine, said he who studies medicine without books sails an uncharted sea. Praveen’s book is an essential map for those who seek to navigate the future of GI without hitting icebergs.”

Dr. Naresh Gunaratnam, Huron Gastroenterology and Chair, Data Analytics, DHPA, Michigan, Distinguished Clinician Awardee 2019 (AGA)

Dr. Mehul Lalani

“As physicians, we have spent our entire training in sharpening clinical acumen to optimize patient care. Scope Forward gives great insight on the intersection of the business side of medicine with the clinical aspect. Praveen Suthrum’s book is a must read for physicians to sustain financially viable practices. It will serve as a valuable resource for healthcare leaders.”

Dr. Mehul Lalani, US Digestive Health and Treasurer, DHPA, Pennsylvania

Dr. J Steven Burdick

“Navigating the surreal environment we currently face with COVID is challenging, yet we don’t have to be alone. In this climate, work efficiency and positioning ourselves for the future with restructuring is needed. Fresh ideas and different perspectives on addressing challenges make a welcome guide. Praveen Suthrum’s focus on gastroenterology, the challenges and how others are adapting is timely, insightful and invaluable. A must read!”

Dr. J Steven Burdick, Advanced Endoscopy, Texas, Distinguished Clinician Awardee 2017 (AGA)

Dr. Ashish Atreja

“We are in amazing times where exponential technologies like digital health and AI can enable us to deliver scalable and highly efficient care like never before. The COVID pandemic has given us a glimpse into the future of care. What is missing is how to align technology with the new business models. Scope Forward does exactly that by providing a roadmap to all in the field of GI and healthcare.”

Dr. Ashish Atreja, Associate Professor and Chief Innovation Officer, Medicine, Mount Sinai and Scientific Founder and Board Member, Rx.Health, New York


“Gastroenterology is an industry that is rapidly changing as new technologies and business models emerge. Scope Forward is a comprehensive guide that will serve as a key navigation tool for physicians as they learn to operate in and find success in the new healthcare environment. I commend Praveen’s unbiased evaluation and objective commentary throughout the book as well as his ability to draw parallels between gastroenterology and other industries that may seem unrelated on the surface. I highly recommend this book to anyone in the gastroenterology field.”

Abe M’Bodj, Provident Healthcare Partners, California

Dr. Michael Weinstein

“This is a prescient piece of work. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems like Praveen had a crystal ball when he wrote Scope Forward. His message to disrupt yourself before getting disrupted is more relevant than ever for gastroenterology today. The importance of investigating new technology and new business structures is critical to a successful career. This book is recommended reading for every gastroenterologist wanting to stay relevant in the future.”

Dr. Michael Weinstein, President & CEO, Capital Digestive Care, Past President, DHPA, Maryland

Dr. John Allen

“Read it cover to cover – excellent. It really is an accurate and comprehensive look at the future of gastroenterology and health care in general.”

Dr. John I. Allen, Chief Clinical Officer, University of Michigan Medical Group, Julius Friedenwald Medal Awardee (AGA), Past Chair (AGA), Past Chief Medical Officer (MNGI)

Reviews on

Amazing wealth of information for physicians

“Scope Forward is one amazing piece of literature! Praveen Suthrum, through his persistent and diligent investigative work, has produced the playbook for physician LEADERS to succeed in practice management. The core principles from the greatest thinkers in healthcare are revealed, and these principles definitely apply to other specialties outside of gastroenterology.”

Dr. J. DeWayne Tooson

A gold mine of useful information for Gastroenterologists

“Praveen has carefully reviewed what is important for all practicing GIs to know. This stuff is relevant, regardless of whether a GI is an employee of a corporate entity or an owner/employee of an ASC. He has in a manner typical for him, deeply studied the problems, looked forward a few years to a decade from now to educate us about what to expect in the practice arena.”

Dr. N. S. Murali

Gastroenterology in the age of newer technologies, private equity, quality, and consumer demands

Scope Forward is a shot across the bow for anybody involved in Gastroenterology. You will see this as an objective display of the landscape and vision for healthcare and Gastroenterology to come or as a Cassandra type doomsday set of scenarios. In either case, the fact remains that colonoscopy, the financial engine in clinical Gastroenterology responsible for 80 percent of revenue in a typical practice is threatened by technology, pressure from payers, and rising costs, along with declining reimbursement and more regulatory complexity. Private equity is lurking around the corner, ready to invest with leveraged buyouts (borrowed money). If the cost of genetic analysis of stool samples for detecting colon cancer goes down it will throw the cost-effectiveness analysis dramatically in favor of a less invasive strategy and away from traditional colonoscopy procedures. All of these are discussed with a look into the future of Gastroenterology. This book is a must read.”

Dr. Erik De Jonghe

Excellent Book!!

“Today, patients have become CEOs of their own health with help from a variety of technologies – such as DNA testing, artificial intelligence to the microbiome. If doctors don’t disrupt themselves and the healthcare system proactively, the industry itself would be disrupted. Scope Forward does a superb job of laying out the landscape of this future. It’s a much-needed practical guide to transform your mindset to thrive in these times. Highly recommend it!”

Robin Farmanfarmaian

Brilliant and scintillating read on the present and future of Gastroenterology!

Scope Forward is a brilliant and scintillating read on the present and future of Gastroenterology. From exponential technologies to evolving business practices, Praveen Suthrum outlines the factors reshaping the field of GI as we know in a very easy to understand and relatable manner. This book is a must read for all Gastroenterologists, administrators and industry affiliated with GI. This book will especially be a great aid for trainees in GI to get much needed insight into the “big picture of GI” beyond clinical medicine.”

Dr. Aparna Repaka

Timely and dead-on

“As a gastroenterologist in private practice for well over 20 years, I am in a unique position to understand where the author Praveen Suthrum is coming from. His latest book Scope Forward has alternately been delightful and terrifying, as it gives us a guided tour and maps out our collective futures. I am reminded of the saying, “If You’re Not at the Table, You’re on the Menu”. Technology is causing disruption in every field. Either we harness it or we are going to be subsumed. It has changed my outlook for sure. I look forward to his continued insights. Great job!!”

Dr. Arjun Venkataramani

Scope Forward is tremendous thought provoking book on gastroenterology!

Scope Forward is a wonderful adventurous read looking at gastroenterology and things to come. It’s a way to see into the heads of experts and how they read gastroenterology going forward and the tremendous impact that technology will make on the practice of gastroenterology . Full of real time examples. Is a positive way to embrace the future of gastroenterology and help you think outside the box and help guide your pathway for the practice of gastroenterology in the coming years.”

Dr. Amann Stehpen

Highly recommended for all GI physicians in setting of changing landscape

“Commendable job by Praveen – Scope Forward serves as a comprehensive guide that will serve as a key navigation tool not only for gastroenterologists but health care in general in the post COVID era. Book gives an unbiased evaluation of emerging technologies, artificial intelligence that will rapidly transform the way we practice gastroenterology. I highly recommend this to anyone in the gastroenterology field.”

Dr. Satya Allaparthi

Future of GI

“Anyone who is anybody in the world of Gastrointestinal diseases should read this book cover to cover. There is a wealth of information and up coming technologies discussion. I highly recommend it.”

Dr. Harish Gagneja

Superb, thought provoking look into the future of Gastroenterology

“Well written and objective insights into considerations for the future of the GI specialty! Highly recommend this book to those who work in this specialty and to those whose work supports GI physicians.”

Melanie Berg

Superb, thought provoking look into the future of Gastroenterology

“Well written and objective insights into considerations for the future of the GI specialty! Highly recommend this book to those who work in this specialty and to those whose work supports GI physicians.”

Melanie Berg

Great book on clinical practices and the urgent need to adopt to emerging models of care

Scope Forward is an excellent book for clinical practices to identify the challenges proactively and strategize their future. While the book focuses on Gastroenterology practices, the challenges, industry disruptions and the opportunities discussed are applicable to any specialty practice. The author, Praveen Suthrum has painstakingly interviewed so many clinical practitioners to build the insights. This, combined with the real world examples bring authenticity and credibility to the stories articulated. The book also throws a lot of insights into the disruptive trends in the healthcare industry in general. As someone who tracks the healthcare industry actively, I was surprised how much I did not know after reading the book. In addition to topics such as exponential disruptions by tech players and retailers, and PE takeovers, patient behavior topics such as live-for-ever longevity aspirations were intriguing and would impact the way clinical practices would be shaped in the future. Scope Forward is a must read book for any practicing physician. With the framework worksheets included in the last chapter, the book can also be used as a tool to have the necessary foresight and strategy to shape the future of practices, especially gastroenterology. This will also be a valuable read not just for clinical practices but also for anyone participating in shaping the future of healthcare – providers, payers, healthcare technology enablers, and so on.”

Siva Sivakumar

Must read for any gastroenterologist that hopes to navigate the dynamic landscape of of healthcare and succeed

“Praveen helps GI’s see what the future might hold.In our busy day to day , we often forget to reflect on how exponential technology might recreate our roles. Scope Forward helps us to take a higher-level view of our field, and allows us to prepare accordingly.”

Dr. Michael Bass