Thrive, not just survive


Whether you are a physician or a healthcare organization ready to make progress, I’m here to help.

Scope Forward was an invitation to make disruption into a positive outcome for gastroenterology. When I wrote the book, I didn’t see a pandemic coming. I only saw disruption from a distance. But COVID-19 accelerated everything outlined in the book – changing healthcare as we know it.

It’s more important than ever to take action now.

If you’ve read Scope Forward and wish to book a free 30-minute strategy call, you’ve come to the right place (Page 303).

Business strategy – Private practices

Private practices are challenged by tougher reimbursements, higher operating costs, and increased regulation. Add technology and business disruption to the mix. In such an environment, how do you scope forward?

The first step is to take stock of where you are currently. Then clearly identify where you want to go.

When you book a consult below, we’ll send a free tool to help you identify what level of performance your practice is at. From a Level 1 to 5 (low to high). During the call, we’ll identify what a possible growth strategy looks like.

“Thank you for doing what you do. You are doing a great service for people.”

Business strategy – Healthcare organizations and funds

Whether you are a startup or an established organization, the present environment can be either an opportunity or a risk. If you are an investment fund, you must know how to not only protect your portfolio but also make informed choices while investing in gastroenterology.

In this call, I’ll help you understand the broader trajectory of gastroenterology in the context of your business.

“I applaud you and your tireless efforts.”

Individual strategy

Where do you fit in in this evolving big picture of gastroenterology? Which of the “adventures” outlined in Scope Forward are right for you? How do you know what you really want?

Let’s talk and find out.

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