Let’s start with some numbers (As compared to the same period of 2020 and the previous quarter Q3, 2021):
◘ Total revenue was $473.8 million, an increase of 2 percent (compare that to $466.3 million in Q4, 2020 and $456.4 million in Q3, 2021)
◘ Screening revenue was $277.7 million, an increase of 11 percent (compare that to $249.7 million in Q4, 2020 and $280.4 million in Q3, 2021)
◘ Precision Oncology revenue was $149.0 million, an increase of 27 percent (compare that to $117.6 million in Q4, 2020 and $145.4 million in Q3, 2021)
◘ COVID-19 testing revenue was $47.1 million, a decrease of 52 percent (compare that to $99.1 million in Q4, 2020 and $30.6 million in Q3, 2021)
These takeaways are based on the Q4 2021 Earnings Call. Kevin Conroy- Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Exact Sciences, Jeff Elliott- Chief Financial and Chief Operating Officer, Exact Sciences and Megan Jones- Senior Director of Investor Relations, Exact Sciences made the following remarks:

1/  Cologuard has generated over $1 billion in revenue and is the first diagnostic test to reach that milestone.
2/ Exact Sciences achieved more than $100 million in revenue from patients being rescreened with Cologuard, and more than $40 million from patients in the 45 to 49 age group.
3/ 10,000 new healthcare providers ordered Cologuard during the quarter and more than 263,000 have ordered it since launch.
4/ Electronic ordering rate for Cologuard has increased to 50% (compare that to 40% at the start of the year).
5/ Exact Sciences anticipates a total revenue between $1.975 billion and $2.027 billion for the year 2022, assuming the following:
◘ I. Screening revenue of $1,340-$1,367 million, including $40-$42 million from Prevention Genetics
◘ II. Precision Oncology revenue of $595-$610 million
◘ III. COVID-19 testing revenue of $40-$50 million
6/ Cologuard gross margins is expected to reach at least 80%.
7/ Oncotype DX Breast test will be available to more women globally, focusing on the largest incremental growth opportunities — Japan and Italy.
8/ Exact Sciences expects to increase its sales and marketing expense to $920 million which includes the full-year impact of the sales team hired from Pfizer.
9/ New advertising campaign for Cologuard is expected to reach 46 million unscreened Americans.
10/ 75% of R&D is on new growth. Multi-cancer, MRD, Cologuard 2 will be the major areas of investment.
11/ Exact Science plans to present colon cancer blood data and announce top line results from prospective BLUE-C study to support FDA submissions for Cologuard 2.0.
12/ The NCI has recently announced an RFI for a large-scale RCT. The company considers the NCI’s involvement a positive step and will continue to conduct their own pivotal studies.
13/ Exact Sciences has exciting growth drivers ahead in node-positive breast cancer, international markets, and therapy selection tests.


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