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NextServices and Rx.Health to offer endoscopists digital app prescribing
Now “prescribe” digital apps from enki endoscopy software. Our company NextServices is joining AGA-Rx.Health Endoscopy Transformation Network.
As many of you know, Rx.Health helps GI doctors prescribe apps. And enki software (from NextServices) is a cloud-based endoscopy report writer.
This announcement is exciting because both companies have integrated their platforms, paving the way to the future of GI.
See this demo and exclusive interview with the founders and CEOs of both companies.
The demo shows how an endoscopist can prescribe the Rx.Health app from enki endoscopy software. Patients benefit from timely bowel prep instructions. Surgery centers benefit by fewer canceled colonoscopies.
Watch the full interview with Dr. Ashish Atreja, Chief Innovation Officer, Medicine, Mount Sinai, Rick Strobridge, CEO of Rx.Health and Satish Malnaik, CEO of NextServices. 
◘  What the partnership is about
“After COVID, we had 1,500 past due endoscopies. We sent out 1,500 texts in the morning and by the end of the day we had 350 appointments scheduled”
◘  Strategic benefits of cloud-based endoscopy software
◘  How does the future look for gastroenterology?
◘  We now have tools to automate the patient journey – beginning to end
◘  One piece of advice for the GI community on digital transformation

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