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PE-backed GI procedure documentation software company makes acquisition (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
GI software company Provation acquired ePreop, a perioperative software as a service solution.
Video: Interview with Dr. Fourment, CEO of Precision Research: “Clinical research will be very different in five years”  (NextServices)
Watch this insightful interview in full to learn what it takes to create a clinical trials ancillary in gastroenterology.
CMS soon to cover new colon cancer DNA test. 10 takeaways on the first and only FDA approved liquid biopsy test (NextServices)
Epi proColon detects colon cancer through a specific DNA called Septin9. The company expects CMS approval anytime now and is due to launch nationwide.
Capital Digestive Care partners with Peninsula Gastroenterology Associates (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Silver Spring, Md.-based Capital Digestive Care partnered with Delmar, Md.-based Peninsula Gastroenterology Associates.
The great acceleration in healthcare: Six trends to heed (McKinsey & Company)
Next generation care management, health for all, consolidated care delivery, and reform efforts are among the trends that may shape healthcare in the years ahead.
Video: What if you had a crystal ball to navigate to the future? (Scope Forward)
See this presentation/talk based on the book Scope Forward: The Future of Gastroenterology Is Now in Your Hands. Originally presented at DHPA.
Asian, lean patients with NAFLD have lower prevalence of cirrhosis, CVD  (Healio)
Lean Asian patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease had significantly lower prevalence of cirrhosis, cardiovascular disease and metabolic abnormalities than lean non-Asian patients.
Googling for Gut Symptoms Predicts Covid Hot Spots, Study Finds  (Bloomberg)
Using Google Trends online tool, they found the volume of searches correlated most strongly with cases in states with high disease burden — three to four weeks later.
Medscape US and International Physicians’ COVID-19 Experience Report: Risk, Burnout, Loneliness  (Medscape)
“More than half of US physicians have personally treated patients with COVID-19.” This survey from Medscape includes over 5,000 US physicians.
Screening delays due to SARS-CoV-2 could increase advanced CRC cases  (Healio)
Delays in colorectal cancer screening due to the cessation of colonoscopies during the COVID-19 pandemic could increase advanced cases and even mortality if the delay stretches beyond 1 year, according to study results.
Can Machine Learning Make Fecal Testing Part of CVD Screening? (MedPage Today)
Early study suggests role for initial routine cardiovascular health monitoring.
Video: ASGE campaign highlights ‘The Value of Colonoscopy’ (Healio)
In this exclusive video, Jennifer Christie, MD, and Douglas K. Rex, MD, discuss “The Value of Colonoscopy,” a new campaign from the ASGE.
Benefit from a tax-savvy investment portfolio (Healio)
Physicians of all specialties want to reduce taxes wherever possible. While most doctors typically focus on active professional income, spending some time and effort on how one’s investments are taxed is also crucial.
Readers Predict Biggest Medical Breakthroughs by 2045 (Medscape)
When Medscape’s readers were asked to predict medical breakthroughs in the next quarter century, the most common responses zeroed in on the human genome.

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