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Michael P 10 Communicating well with client
Nicole A 10 Collection and fast submission of claims
Iveta 8 GREAT
Laura Z 5 Billing ASC and office charges pretty fast
Dr. G 10 Keeping me informed of changing landscape and opportunities in gastroenterology
Rosa 10 Keeping us updated and offering advice to improve our functionality.

Thank you for your hard work.

Dr. Q 10 Quick and responsible
Dr. P 10 Good response time
Dr. F 10 Customer service is excellent
Brie M 10 Communication. No matter what time of day, they are always available.
Sharon D 10 Always responding to inquiries in a timely manner
Maribel Z 10 The best thing I like is the communication between us and the team
Dr. T 8 Communicates with our office on a regular basis, and is easily available for technical support with billing questions and EHR issues
Dr.S 10 Proactive. On the fore front of legislative changes and policy.


Keep up the outstanding work

Ellen L 10 Response fast. Keeping the $ coming in during a tough time
Dr. S 10 Billing
Dr W 9 Customer attention and responsiveness is superior

* Edited for language
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