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Today, I spoke to Chantal Fremont, Vice President of Quality and Clinical Practice at American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) and Gaurav Narang, Vice President at Rx.Health.
AGA and Rx.Health just announced Virtual Care Hub and Telehealth to help GI practices during COVID-19. The initiative supports free usage of the platform.
Read the press release:
AGA & Rx.Health create Virtual Care Hub with Telehealth for GI practices during COVID-19
Watch this interview to understand what is part of the Virtual Care Hub platform.


The Transcribed Interview:
Praveen Suthrum: Thank you so much for joining me Chantal Fremont and Gaurav Narang, from Rx Health. Chantal you’re from AGA and Gaurav you’re from Rx Health, both your organizations are about to announce an initiative called the ‘Virtual Care Hub’ for the gastroenterologists. Could you talk about it? 
Chantal Fremont: So, AGA and Rx Health, we have partnered on to launch the telehealth and the Virtual Support Hub to support the GI practices as they operate within this pandemic. So, we know that there is reduced office visits during this time and there is a need to provide GI physicians and patients with information and provide patients with the opportunity to still be able to interact with their providers, their physicians. So, we think that this partnership here is one which will help screen patients before personal appointments and provide some seamless transitions for patients during this time. 
Praveen Suthrum: Is it a combination of telehealth as well as virtual visits, you know, without video? 
Chantal Fremont: So, it provides a secure and dedicated telehealth room for each provider, so it does have the capabilities of allowing an opportunity for patients to still interact with their providers via telemedicine now.  
Praveen Suthrum: Okay. Thank you. Gaurav?
Gaurav Narang: Yeah sure. So, Praveen as you are probably aware that Rx Health in partnership with AGA is already running a digital transformation program for endoscopy centers and GI facilities. So, what we are experiencing is, lot of our endoscopy centers and GI facilities who are part of this transformation network are facing challenges due to this current COVID-19 crisis which is multifold. One is that they don’t want any infected patients to come into their facility because obviously that will infect whole of the facility and lead to lot of challenge and risk to the staff and other patients. And also, in this time of crisis they want to keep their patients engaged and properly guided so that they are well-managed at home.  
So, what Rx Health has developed to help deal with this situation is an end-to-end Virtual Care Hub which entails different digital assets, right from appointment reminder to digital triage before the patient comes into the facility so that we can actually identify them as a high, medium or a low risk patient. I can actually quote an example of Mount Sinai where registry of all IBD patients at Mount Sinai were prescribed this digital triage and on a regular basis they have been tracked in terms of reporting any specific symptoms which could indicate to COVID-19. So, we send them kind of a daily triage message.  
Praveen Suthrum: Thank you. Chantal, if a GI practice is interested what is the next step? Do they reach out to AGA or Rx Health? What do they do next? 
Chantal Fremont: So, we have developed a whole website in partnership with Rx Health. It has tons of information. So, if a GI practice is interested the next step would be to contact Rx Health (
Praveen Suthrum: Thank you so much, both of you. Do stay safe.


By Praveen Suthrum, President & Co-Founder, NextServices. 

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