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Tougher reimbursements. Higher operating costs. Increased regulations.
We have a system to help GI practices thrive, not just survive.
There are 4 main things you need to know now:
1/ Small Business Paycheck Protection Program ($349B)
2/ Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program ($10B)
3/ Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund ($100B)
4/ Medicare Advance Payments
In this presentation, learn:
> how to compute the maximum loan amount you apply for under the PPP program. Even if you are a smaller or larger group.
> what are allowable expenses?
> how can a loan become a tax-free grant (free money)?
> how do you apply for the Economic Injury Disaster Loan program?
> can you get paid for your canceled procedures? (yes, start capturing for now)
> can you get paid from Medicare in advance?

$2T CARES Act: What do GI practices need to know right now?





By Praveen Suthrum, President & Co-Founder, NextServices. 

We developed an easy-to-use PPP Loan Calculator to help you estimate:
• Maximum Loan you are eligible for
• Loan Forgiveness Amount (by headcount)
• Loan Forgiveness Amount (by wage reduction)
• Download and modify for your own practice

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